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Thunder Vodka collection
[lead align=”left”]The Mountains Best Kept Secret. Discover the award winning taste of Thunder toffee + vodka spirit drink, with its perfect, subtle combination of creamy toffee against ice-cold vodka.[/lead]

Scream Retail launched the first pure toffee flavoured vodka onto the UK market. Unequalled and unique, Thunder Toffee Vodka is about stylish simplicity of taste. Free from any additives or preservatives, it is made from triple distilled grain vodka and completely natural toffee syrup, with an ABV of 29.9%.

Originating from the slopes of French ski resort Val D’isere. Thunder is the culmination of many years of mixing and meticulous preparation to nd the perfect consistent toffee vodka. Which can then be bottled, branded and introduced to the UK. Infamously popular amongst the skiing fraternity, toffee avoured vodka mixes have been rife in their experimentation in the bars of the French Alps for decades, but it is not until now that a recipe has been developed that satis es the taste in both vodka strength and toffee syrup delicacy.

Enjoy as an ice-cold shot, over ice, or in one of the delicious cocktails below.

[heading header_weight=”light” header_align=”center”]Awards[/heading]
Thunder Vodka Awards
[lead]Thunder Toffee + Vodka spirit drink wins Gold 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2014.[/lead]
Awards have been received from the highly acclaimed Spirit Business Awards
 International Spirit Challenge &  The Great Taste by The Guild of Fine Foods, awarding body.
[heading header_weight=”light” header_align=”center”]Cocktails[/heading][lead margin_bottom=”no-bottom”]A selection of Toffee Vodka cocktails, designed by professional Mixoligist, Christian Ozzati

Visit Thunder Vodka for the full selection, ingredients and methods.

Tropical Rain Storm

25ml Thunder Vodka
25ml Malibu
75ml Pineapple Juice
Squeeze of Lime


30ml Thunder Vodka
20ml Blended Whiskey
10ml Lemon Juice

Toffee Apple

50ml Thunder Vodka
25ml Apple Schnapps
25ml Fresh Apple Juice
12ml Lemon Juice

Passionate Thunder

40ml Thunder Vodka
6ml Gomme
25ml Pineapple Juice
15ml Passion Ft Puree
25ml Champagne

Dark Thunder

30ml Thunder Vodka
Top up Ginger Beer
Squeeze of Lime

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